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Only the best for your furry ones!

What We Offer


Our full groom includes a bath in an all natural shampoo that is chosen for coat type and breed specific. Ears are cleaned and hair plucked.  Anal glands are expressed.  Coat is dried and fluffed.  Hair is cut as decided by owner during consultation.  Pet is finished with a bow or bandana.

Light Trim

For those pets who don't need a full hair cut a light trim includes a complete bath fluff dry, full brush out and light trim on feet, sanitary area, and face.  Finished with a bow or bandana.

Bath & Nails

Bath includes ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, and fluff dry.  Full brush out and nails trimmed.  Finished with a bow or bandana.

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Professional grooming not only makes your pet feel and look better your groomer will be able to let you know of any medical issues that they discover.

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